Jean-Philippe Bonsaudo

Chief Executive Officer

Over 15 years of partnership management, business development and sales experience; out of which, 5 years spent managing high performing and highly profitable business-to-business platforms in emerging markets. Adept at taking projects from concept through execution.

One of the most important tasks in my day to day work is building a relationship with our clients, understand how they work, who they target, which markets they foresee as new opportunities and therefore understand how I can help them in achieving their strategy to expand their business.

Our clients are companies that are either looking at penetrating a new market through distribution partnerships, building relationships with direct buyers, or companies that are looking to raise money either to increase their working capital or fund a new project.

At the end of the day, no matter what the company’s objective is, this is an investment in time, human capital and money.

There is no reward without risk and the potential for payoff in emerging markets is substantial. The most important thing, however, is to take time to investigate, find the right partner and do your homework; This is what we do every day.

Diana Reis

Chief Operation Officer – COO

With over 15 years experience in dealing in the international marketing front—as a business developer, marketing consultant, and contract negotiator—I have come to appreciate the importance of never allowing people to be seconded by product or service in any business transaction.

Having been raised in a variety of foreign cultures and with an ability to speak seven languages, my success in the world of business has been my ability to communicate, understand, and value the people (clients or potential investors/buyers) and their cultures—the key element of any business venture. The ability to transcend cultural boundaries, create common ground, build bridges of trust with mutually beneficial objectives between client and potential investor is vital to any business venture, if it is to last and expand.

This “people first” philosophy, has afforded me the ability to build and maintain a global network of strong business relationships in a broad variety of sectors to include: government, private business, industry, and academia. Leveraging this network in support of clients’ needs, objectives, and interests helps reduce the time to develop potential markets, thus reducing expenses and increasing profits.

As the COO, my focus is to complement the CEO’s forte in developing emerging markets. As he analyzes markets, identifies and targets potential opportunities, I will support those efforts by helping build strategic and tactical strategies that will be directly tied to the clients’ objectives and expectations.

Emerging markets are a high risk venture, as innovation, creativity, and the passion for exploring the frontier of new “un-proven” products and services are essential to tomorrow’s global economy and the reason NIGHTHAWK PARTNERS was created, to ensure it could be part of the effort to ensure emerging markets had the best chance to succeed.

My commitment as NIGHTHAWK’s COO, is to dedicate and commit myself to leverage every bit of my experience and know-how in exploring every possible doorway to ensure our emerging market clients’ have the very best chance to succeed—be it via partnerships, direct buys, joint shared ventures, or other innovative ways to bring people to work together to reach profitable objectives.

“It is literally truth that you can succeed best and quickest by helping other succeed”

– Napoleon Hill –